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Our story

The ‘story’ behind Octagon Data isn’t like any other.

We hold foundations that date back to 1987 when Tasoula Hadjitofi founded Octagon Professionals. In the corresponding year, the first computer virus appeared, the Black Monday stock market crash happened and Lionel Messi was born, Octagon Professionals sold their First Data Management System. After noticing there was a skill shortage on the client side, Octagon Professionals devoted itself to finding solutions towards the increasing demand for people who could maintain and develop the Document Management Systems. This was the start of becoming a full-service staffing provider for multiple  International organizations.

After attracting the right talent, sharing ideas, talking to Industry Leaders and clients we established a separate label Octagon Data. With this label, we will provide a staffing solution within the Dutch Data Market. This we do within a variety of functional areas such as Data Science, Data Engineering, and Business Intelligence.

Our people

We believe our recruitment consultants are among the best in the industry.  They are all highly skilled and all have an extensive network within their focus area. Due to our strict technical verticals and geographic regions, we can ensure you they are all market specialist and now exactly what is happening.

Our management is getting strategic advice from our advisory board, this board is a merger of the best professionals in the market. Varying from current Business Owners, Data Specialist and Industry Leaders.

Octagon Data Team

Mitchell van Staveren
Team Leader Recruitment

Quentin Lopes Cardozo
Operations Manager

Sharn Gomes
Recruitment Consultant

Andreas Hadjitofi
Managing Director

Advisory Board

Tasoula Hadjitofi

Joost Hubregtse

Michael Hadjitofi

Azad Halim

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